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JikesAPI Class Reference

#include <jikesapi.h>

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Detailed Description

API to jikes compiler.

Definition at line 122 of file jikesapi.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual int compile (char **filenames)
virtual JikesOption * getOptions ()
virtual char ** parseOptions (int argc, char **argv)
virtual FileReaderread (const char *filename)
virtual void reportError (JikesError *error)
virtual int stat (const char *filename, struct stat *status)
virtual FileWriterwrite (const char *filename, size_t bytes)

Static Public Member Functions

static JikesAPIgetInstance ()

Private Member Functions

void cleanupOptions ()

Private Attributes

JikesOption * option
char ** parsedOptions

Static Private Attributes

static JikesAPIinstance = NULL


class  FileReader
class  FileWriter

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